The Belcebron people

“The Belcebron people used to cause great resentment and insecurity amongst neighboring races by being one of the most enlightened, accomplished, and above all quiet civilizations in the Galaxy.

As a punishment for this behaviour, which was held to be offensively self righteous and provocative, a Galactic Tribunal inflicted on them that most cruel of all social diseases, telepathy. Consequently, in order to prevent themselves broadcasting every slightest thought that crossed their minds to anyone within a five mile radius, they now have to talk very loudly and continuously about the weather, their little aches and pains and the match this afternoon…”.

– Douglas Adams

Roger Ebert och Universum

Recensenten Roger Ebert är inte bara intresserad av film. Rekommenderad läsning från hans blogg:

“…To know you live is to know you die. Having studied several cats at close range over a period of years, I’ve concluded they don’t give it a moment’s notice. They know they want to live, which is why they get out of trouble as fast as they can. Then they take a nap.”

Resten här:


“The Universe, as has been observed before, is an unsettingly big place, a fact which for the sake of a quiet life most people tend to ignore.

Many would happily move to somewhere rather smaller of their own devising, and this is
what most beings in fact do.
For instance, in one corner of the Eastern Galactic Arm lies the large forest planet Oglaroon, the entire “intelligent” population of which lives
permanently in one fairly small and crowded nut tree.

In which tree they are born, live, fall in love, carve tiny speculative articles in the bark on the meaning of life, the futility of death and the importance of birth control, fight a few extremely minor wars, and eventually die strapped to the underside of some of the less accessible outer branches.”

– Douglas Adams


Allting vi just nu säger, allting vi precis här gör, alla konkreta dofter, alla ogenomtänkta ord, alla påhittade vitsar och snabba utbyten av trots, alla flackande blickar och omedelbara samförstånd, alla spontana utrop, alla haltande hälsningar, alla isande känslor av ofullkomlighet, alla irriterande påminnelser av röksug, kommer glömmas.