I’ve been around a long time,
and you know, when you’ve been around a long time,
you see people who are older.
And they’ve survived this very complicated life,
that we’ve all been given, to figure out.

What are we to do with it?
We have these children,
we have this home,
we have this relationship,
we have all this stuff,
It comes and goes like waves.
Sometimes its okay, sometimes its horrible,
and that will never change.
How you react to it, is what makes the difference.

Let’s not all get hysterical,
when the dog won’t stop barking.
We all have to take turns barking.
We all need to bark,
and this happens to be the day that your dog is barking.
Something is bugging him and he’s barking,
and until we figure out what it is, he’s going to bark.

We all need to do that.
Don’t be afraid to bark.
It’s good to bark.
It’s good for your soul.
Then we have to sit back, take a deep breath, drink plenty of water,
and not get too upset with the every day stuff,
because it can make you sick if you let it.

Go with the tide, ride with the tide,
go with the flow.

– Penny Rose